« Adventurous music mixing a variety of genres to create an impressive and surprising result. Dreamy and astral, or just trance-generating and kraut, these are the two facets of the fascinating trio Piloot. » Gonzo Circus

Piloot is an instrumental trio formed in Brussels (Belgium) in 2015 by flutist Florian Guibert, double bass player Cyrille de Haes and drummer JP De Gheest.  

Characterised by their love for improvised and avant-garde music as well as their involvement into the multidisciplinary performance scene, Piloot opens the gate of synesthetic music and explores uncharted sonic landscapes. With every single performance, sometimes alongside visual artists, dancers, writers or featuring other musicians, the trio has shown an all-too-rare artistic integrity.

One might think of early Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jon Hassel, Cluster.

The trio comes to light with an autoproduced eponym LP (2017), then 3 EP’s released on limited cassette editions by spanish label Mascarpone Discos – ‘Recuerda tu futuro’ (2018), ‘Gyre’ (2019), ‘Atara’ (2019).

For its 5th anniversary, Piloot is releasing ‘V‘, a limited vinyl edition (50copies) in collaboration with visual artists Vincent Glowinski and Chloé Schuiten during a 5 hours perfomance (April 24th 2020, MUE LaVallée Brussels).

Upon invitation by belgian director Martine Doyen, Piloot scored the movie ‘Witz’ produced by Helicotronc (2018).

Piloot opened the stage for artists such as Marc Ribot’s Ceramic Dog, Acid  Mothers Temple, Gum Takes Tooth, Lori Goldston to name a few.


In 2019, Piloot decides to formalise its multidisciplinary meetings and its deep desire to experiment. To do so, Piloot develops the concept of Laboratoire Sonore.

On a monthly basis and for 3 consecutive sessions, the trio takes over a venue and, sometimes, invites particular artists to perform with.

This form of performance allows the group to develop and deepen – with the urgency that implies the presence of the public – other artistic aspects such as scenography, sound diffusion or the concepts of musical interactions.

Laboratoire Sonore #15HectolitreLynn Cassiers (Vocals)

Laboratoire Sonore #14HectolitrePascal Paulus (Keyboards)

Laboratoire Sonore #13Hectolitre

Laboratoire Sonore #12Café Central –  Nathan Daems (Saxophone)

Laboratoire Sonore #10Café Central

Laboratoire Sonore #11Café CentralBert Dockx (Guitar)

Laboratoire Sonore #9Un PeuSebastian Dicenaire (Writer, Storytelling)

Laboratoire Sonore #8Un PeuClément Nourry (Guitar)

Laboratoire Sonore #7Un Peu

Laboratoire Sonore #6 Studio Grez

Laboratoire Sonore #5Studio Grez –  Fatou Traoré, Yiphun Chiem, Nathalia Deparlabas (Dance)

Laboratoire Sonore #4Studio Grez

Laboratoire Sonore #3Le LacMagali Charrier (Visuals)

Laboratoire Sonore #2Le Lac – Flora Hubot (Visuals)

Laboratoire Sonore #1Le Lac Chloé Schuiten (Visuals)