Piloot is a Brussels based trio focusing on instant composition. Pushing the limits of their instruments by using electronics and extended techniques, creating a musical journey between astral, ambient and ecstatic chaos.

With every single performance, the trio has shown an all-too-rare artistic integrity, exploring genres that obey no trend.

Improvised music where Drone, Jazz and Kraut-Rock set the tone for an unpredictable hypnotic experience. Cloaked under a veil of ambient, electronic music and anchored in free and noise music, their well-oiled ship sails us into a cosmic climax. One might think of early Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jon Hassel, Cluster.

Florian Guibert – Flute + electronics
Cyrille de Haes (Otto Lindholm) – Double Bass + electronics
Jean-Philippe De Gheest (Bààn, Mark Lanegan Band) – Drums + electronics

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‘ATARA’ – Mascarpone Discos – 2019 (Digital/Tape)

‘GYRE’ – Mascarpone Discos – 2019 (Digital/Tape)

‘RECUERDA TU FUTURO’ – Mascarpone Discos – 2018 (Digital/Tape)

‘PILOOT’ – PLT/Exag’Records/Kinky Star Records – 2017 (LP/Digital/Tape)



Atara is a collection of three tracks recorded during the last afternoon of their Fall studio sessions. Starting as usual from a blank page, keeping the main focus on instant composing, PILOOT traces news roads in their sonic setup. As they look for new sonorities and interactions, a Jazz reminiscent of a distant past slowly emerges. Mixing this time manipulated acoustic sounds with a more traditional improvisation, the trio evolves within smooth soundscapes, and soothes the listener with its rhythmical and atypical resonances. At times rough and asymmetrical, the three tracks arranged in an increasing order of duration are in harmony; each infusing their fragile intensity and building up to a complete synesthetic experience.

This limited tape edition (50 copies) is released on Valencia based label Mascarpone Discos.

 ‘Gyre’ Release Concerts:

22/11 Brussels @La Compilotèque
23/11 Paris @Espace B


Divided into 5 instant compositions, ‘Gyre’ takes Piloot’s iconic unpredictable Trance-Machine a step further. Presented as a diptych with previous release ‘Recuerda tu futuro’; both were recorded during the same 4 day session. Gyre hypnotises, captivates and plunges us into an ephemeral meditative state reminiscent of the 70’s German Kraut bands. An enveloping and mesmerizing one of a kind experience.



“esquizofrenica delicatessen sonora”  –  Mondo Sonoro 

* * * –  Le Mad

“al cerrar los ojos, cualquiera podría ver los vórtices y ondas que dibujan las hélices que componen su imaginario.” –  Redacción Atómica

“this is a freekin’ awesome record, period” –  TJ Norris, toneshift.net


This limited tape edition (50 copies) is released on Valencia based label Mascarpone Discos.

 ‘Gyre’ Release Tour:

04/03 Bilbao @ High: Piloot//Rastrejo//Seps Town Duo
05/03 Santander @ The New: Rastrejo / Tipex / Piloot / Poço dos Negros
06/03 Pontevedra @ Liceo Mutante
07/03 Madrid @ Juglar: Piloot : Rastrejo : España Futurista, concierto en Madrid
08/03 Don Benito @ The Rincón Pío Sound
09/03 Valencia @ 6 Toneladas: VI Aniversario Mascarpone: Za! : Piloot : Rastrejo : MAFH
27/03 Brussels @ Le Lac Laboratoire sonore #3

mascarpone logoMascarpone Discos


‘LABORATOIRE SONORE’ –  Monthly Live Experiments – 2019

Laboratoire Sonore is a sonic & visual experience: the trio and the audience are placed in the center surrounded by a quadraphonic PA system. The concept was initially set up 3 times in a row (one night per month) at Brussels underground venue Le Lac, inviting a different visual artist for each performance.



‘Recuerda tu futuro’ is a long and inspired two track cassette of instant compositions. Pushing the limits of their instruments by using electronics and extended techniques, PILOOT creates a musical journey between astral ambient and ecstatic chaos, leaving you swirling in kaleidoscopic soundscapes. One might think of early Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Jon Hassel, Cluster.

This limited edition cassette (50 copies), released on Valencia based label Mascarpone Discos, offers you 2 exclusive tracks and announces PILOOT’s 2nd album in the making.

“Adventurous music mixing a variety of genres to create an impressive and surprising result. Dreamy and astral, or just trance-generating and kraut, these are the two facets of the fascinating trio Piloot.”  Gonzo (circus) 2018

mascarpone logo Mascarpone Discos

‘PILOOT’ –  DEBUT  ALBUM    2017


The eponym debut album delivers 5 instant compositions, a Hypnotic Krautrock in search of a trance-like feeling through repetitive patterns, drones and ecstatic chaos. A leap into the void between impermanence and resurgence; a fine balance between the unexpected and the unforeseen.

PILOOT is being released on a limited edition of 300 vinyls and 50 cassettes. Recorded at « Les Ateliers Claus » (Brussels) by Reno Carton, mixed by Christine Verschorren and mastered by Nicolas David. Visual artist Chloé Schuiten designed the vinyl artwork and handcrafted each cassette sleeve individually.


«This trio is probably the best possibility to experience the pinnacle of improv-free-rock-kraut-jazz that a combo like CAN sublimely offered its audience in the 70’ s» Rodolphe Coster, 2017

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