P I L O O T : «This trio is probably the best possibility to experience the pinnacle of improv-free-rock-kraut-jazz that a combo like CAN sublimely offered its audience in the 70’ s» Rodolphe Coster

P I L O O T is an astral journey driven by pulsating improvisations leaving you swirling in kaleidoscopic, euphoric and soothing soundscapes.

The eponym debut album delivers 5 instant compositions, a Hypnotic Krautrock in search of a trance-like feeling through repetitive patterns, drones and ecstatic chaos. A leap into the void between impermanence and resurgence; a fine balance between the unexpected and the unforeseen.

PILOOT is being released on a limited edition of 300 vinyls and 50 cassettes. Recorded at « Les Ateliers Claus » (Brussels) by Reno Carton, mixed by Christine Verschorren and mastered by Nicolas David. Visual artist Chloé Schuiten designed the vinyl artwork and handcrafted each cassette sleeve individually.

Florian Guibert Flute – Cyrille de Haes Double Bass – Jean-Philippe De Gheest Drums

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